tirsdag den 8. marts 2016

What does it take to be satisfied?

It’s okay not to like your own appearance. To not think you’re a good looking or attractive person, even think you’re ugly. The trick is to accept and be at peace with that, to realize you can have bad qualities and not have them detract from you as a whole, to have them still be a part of you without being a source of shame or pain.

This goes beyond appearance: It’s completely okay to not be an intelligent or smart person, to not be hardworking, to not be talented at something, to not be interesting or especially good at socializing and making other people  feel welcome or comfortable in your presence. It’s okay not to have a huge passion, to just have a job to earn money and spend your free time with your friends and keeping yourself entertained, without having any grand visions or things you create. It’s okay to just be.

But how far can you extend this reasoning? Are there things that you really have to consider yourself to be in order for it to be okay? Is it okay to not be a good friend or a decent family member? To not be a sympathetic person? To not be a happy person? To not enjoy your life? To not consider yourself to be of worth? Where does the line go where you have to say ”I can’t accept this as fact and still live a satisfying life.”

When I say ’satisfying life’ I mean it in a very hypothetical sense – we all have issues, sometimes life is hard and we really are not able to say things about ourselves that we would like to be able to say. Usually we try to change that – to become a different kind of person, in a sense. But what kind of person can you reasonably imagine yourself to be and be satisfied with?